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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I schedule or recommend a school or program visit?

Of course you can. We would love to visit your school or community program  and do a demo! All you need to do is contact us via email at to set a date that works.

Do I need to pay anything to come to Saturday group?

Saturday group is free; however we do have requirements and protocols to follow due to COVID. Just contact on of our Mentors for more information.

Can I earn volunteer hours at this program towards my graduation?

Yes! If you participate in any of our community events or volunteering service days; you will received credit hours. A letter will be issued to you from our Program Coordinator.

If I want to see a therapist more, can you help me find one?

Yes. We actually work with a licensed therapist and each student gets one session each month. If you are asking for additional therapy sessions, we will set up an intake appointment and pay up to 2 additional sessions per month.

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